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The Perfectionism of Parenting

He probably just wanted to eat the ice cream and could care less about the things that was worrying me. I more likely was sitting across from him eating ice cream feeling guilty and alone.

-Guilty because I did not know how to emotionally connect with my son. -Guilty because I felt parenting was more of a taxing job and I couldn’t wholeheartedly enjoy being a mother.

-Guilty because I felt like he couldn’t just be a kid and enjoy the simple things kids enjoy. -Guilty because he was growing up fatherless (his dad was killed in 2009) I wanted to be the mother they showed on tv. Yes, the perfect mom. Yea I messed that role up. I wanted to be the overly joyed mother when I picked my son up from daycare, but sadly I wasn’t. I was the tired single mom working, going to school, serving in ministry, and trying to figure out who I was all while trying to be “strong” and the “good Christian”. Sometimes, my emotions were all over the place and there were times I wanted to give up in my parenting but God would give me the strength to keep going. My family and friends encouraged me along the way. And here we are, 13 years in the game and going strong 💪🏾 (not easy). Thank God I didn’t give up! The point of saying this, parenting is not easy but then again, it doesn’t suppose to be. If your own parenting hasn’t knocked you into reality, let me tell you PARENTING IS NOT WHAT YOU SEE ON TV. There! I yelled it loud in a text lol. A few things I incorporated in my parenting early on that helped me and I hope will help those feelings pressured: -Pray and invite the Holy Spirit into your parenting -Don’t be afraid to Ask for help (community groups, counseling, friends/family, etc.) -Take the pressure off of your parenting expectations -Realize, your parenting is not going to look like someone else’s parenting Share below a time when you felt guilty in your parenting and how you overcame it? And no shame if you’re still working through it, I’ll be happy to pray with you or for you if you like.


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