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5 Principles EVERY Parent Can Utilize In Their Parenting

Hey Mom Friends, Happy 2021! I know I am late with the New Year celebration but please give me some grace lol. What are some of your resolutions or goals for 2021? I read a meme that said, “I’d like to cancel my subscription to 2021. I’ve experienced the free 7-day trail and I’m not interested” (haha). I’m excited because I am in my last semester as a grad student and will walk this May. I am beyond excited!! Every semester I threaten to quit but thank God He gave me the grace and strength (and a strong support system) to push through. I’ve been in school majority of my life and I don’t know what to do with my life after graduation but I know this one thing, I am going to live joyfully lol.

My son is in his last semester of middle school so I am happy to be in a position to focus more on him. I am always asking myself how can I improve in my #parenting. It’s an ongoing duty (and privilege) I have as a mother and I want to always make sure I am being a good steward over my parenting. Every day, my character and commitment (to the wellbeing of my son) are tested with my son. I have to decide everyday to treat him based on how God sees him and not how I see him because my judgement/view can be skewed and conditional. I love him to death and if I am honest, a lot of times he gets on my nerves but I would not trade him for anything. That’s my lil homie. Lol

I have learned no matter the age or gender of the child, every child need: Love. Security. Affirmation. Boundaries. Compassion. Patience #periodt to thrive as they grow into an adult. If we go a little deeper, we need these characteristics as adults as well. We want to raise healthy and mature adults that will be an asset to society and their peers and not a liability. Study shows parents still have the biggest influence on their child so moms, its not too late to work on your parenting style and pour into your child(ren) while you still can. 1 Corinthians 13 does a perfect job describing what love is. Often times I hear it’s considered the love chapter and mostly catered to marriages, but guess what, we can use this knowledge as a foundation for our parenting. I want to leave you with a few key points on what love must do. Love must:

1. Take into consider the one being loved and how God has created them.

2. Include exhortation and edification to assist the overall development (including spiritual) of your child.

3. Not exclude judgment because true love does not exist in the absence of judgment.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the five principles I listed above or even add to my list by commenting below.


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