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Take The Pledge

Last month, I made the decision to take the AT&T pledge to not text and drive. Well, when I first signed up, it was cool and convenient. I think it’s safe to say, a mature decision. The decision was free and it didn’t cost me a dime except not to text or talk while driving for safety purposes. That makes sense right??? Little by little, day after day, this AT&T decision started to become annoying and a burden on my free will. When I’m trying to surf the Internet or check my Instagram, this big AT&T screen would come on and it started to irk me until finally yesterday I made the decision to unplug from this commitment because it was PREVENTING me from doing something I said I wasn’t going to do, like texting and driving. This decision didn’t come suddenly, but it came over a period of time by me suppressing my commitment to this pledge and overriding the warning sign to convenient my will to use my phone while driving. I would re-read this part because it’s a little confusing. To be honest, I was driving when I started writing this blog, I just overrode the warning which is not good. When I got frustrated at the AT&T pledge for not letting me text and drive yesterday, I threatened to delete its contents once I got situated because I said, YOU KEEP PREVENTING ME FROM TEXTING AND DRIVING… Then, I got a revelation from the Holy Spirit, “well you signed up to take the pledge and when it inconvenienced you, you turned your commitment off. People do that with My Spirit and compromise with sin. They think they can invite me in then when temptation comes knocking at their door, I’m an inconvenience to their pleasure so they think they can turn me off like s switch.” Ignoring God’s warning is not only making Him silent in your sin, but also suppressing Him and quenching the Spirit of God. You’re suppressing His power in your life at the moment because you decided that you were going to “override” His anointing, His conviction.

This my friend is a dangerous deed and you will reap the consequences of your decision. Yes God’s grace is sufficient, but what did you bring back when you came to your senses? STD, HIV, broken heart, a baby out of wedlock? We have to STOP playing with God and testing His grace. Stop halfway stepping and ignoring His Spirit when He’s telling us NOT to do something. He knows what’s best for us and if you truly believe that why not walk in obedience? Why not desire the plan He has for your life? Whoever or whatever is for us, we don’t have to compromise or manipulate the situation to get it. It will be there for us in the right God-ordain season.

Let’s take the pledge to stop overriding the Holy Spirit and commit our hearts to Him. He is the author and finisher of our faith. We started off and accepted Christ with good intentions and motives… we wanted to do right, wanted to go all in and live for Him but things got in the way. People started to interfere with your relationship with God. It’s not too late, we can repent and acknowledge our shortcomings and ask God to help us when we are struggling with our flesh.

I remember a time when I started to struggle and compromise my walk with God because I wanted to be married. Many times I overrode God’s convictions and one day during that time trying to pursue a relationship, I was reading the Word and I “accidentally” ran across Galatians 5:7 and got convicted. I didn’t want to hear that because the scripture didn’t bring me closer to him (the guy) and out of fear of God trying to tell me he wasn’t the one, I closed my bible hoping for that conviction to go away. The scripture said, “You were running the race beautifully. Who cut in on you and stopped you from obeying the truth?” Again, I chose him over Him and I let the thought of marriage, this guy, and my lustful desires get in the way of me pursuing God, or running the race. Of course God wasn’t going to let that slide. He loved me too much to let me fall like that. I thank God for closed doors. We are a part of One body which is the Body of Christ. We don’t have to do life alone but allow the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to help us and direct our next steps. Be encouraged my sister and brother in Christ, trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean unto your understanding and in everything you do, God will direct your path. Be blessed…love you much!

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