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Do You Have BSS, Butt-Sniffing Syndrome?

I don’t have to suck up to anyone!

You know, I would do things out fear. Fear of making someone mad or fear of being talked about, or fear of that person walking out of my life. Well forget butt-sniffing syndrome. I have decided that I have had enough of living for others and trying to please people for all the wrong reasons. I’m not going to do it anymore, I resigned from that position and applied to be myself and guess what?!?! I got the position; I’m best at being me!

Psalm 139 says, “God knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” Well guess what?!?! He didn’t stop knitting when He made these “talented” celebrities or famous people that society put on a platform. I was formed with that same puff of fresh breath too and so were you. We don’t have to feel inferior to people or to the things in this world. We are the head and not the tail. I am worth it and so are you! With that being said, cast your cares on God because He cares for you. I was so needy of people that I would cast my cares on them and they didn’t have the capacity to hold them. I had to learn to come broken before God and be His little girl. He would make me smile or laugh and dry up my tears. I desperately want to follow Christ with my whole heart, but I can’t follow Him and follow people at the same time. One had to give and it wasn’t going to be God. I have to make a decision daily at each opportunity to let people go.

The following two scriptures and song is what the Holy Spirit deposited in my heart when I would anxiously cry out to Him concerning a relationship: 1 Peter 5:6-7, Psalm 46:10, and “The Heart of Worship” by Matt Redman. My sister and/or brother in Christ, my advice to you if you suffer from butt-sniffing syndrome is to give that burden to God and let Him show you how much you were worth dying for. You don’t have to please man to feel important or special. Spending time with God and learning about Him will show you how important you are. He will start to deal with the issues of your heart and make all things better and your vision of yourself clearer.

My challenge to you is to sit before God for 30 minutes and tell Him what’s on your heart. No devices, no T.V, no distractions, just you and God. He already knows everything that’s on your mind, and surrendering to Him is required for Him to help you. Don’t let pride keep God from entering in, He’s standing at your heart waiting to come in. Will you answer Him?

Spiritual Tools:

  • Psalm 139

  • Psalm 46:10

  • 1 Peter 5:6 &7

  • Matt Redman- The Heart of Worship

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