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Either you are saved or you are not! Which one is it?

People are funny! You make a post on social networks about sin or salvation and you get a few people who will respond, but if you make a post about something secular than your notification is full of responses. Why is it that? You tell a person to stop sleeping around and to get married; they holler bout, “Only God knows my heart!” People talk about being real, but give them the truth and they are on defensive mode. Pride start kicking in. We say we want God, but hold on to a lie so we can feel good. We say we want to live for God, but continue living with a man or woman that isn’t our spouse. Which is it? Are you saved or are you not? Are you in or are you out? If God already told you He don’t deal with lukewarm people, which side of the spectrum do you fall on? Now I am not talking about “real” mistakes, I’m talking about habitually sinning. For example: you curse and you felt bad so you made an effort not to continue that habit meaning you made a conscious decision. If you fall in the other category, you cussing and speaking ungodly because you can and you “run this” or no church folks is around you? Or that time when you packed a bag to spend the night over that boy or girl house to fornicate or play house. Jesus is coming back and we need to get it together. No I am not saying you have to fix yourself to be ready for Jesus, that is insane and impossible. What I am saying is we have to stop deliberately sinning. Stop making a decision in our mind to mess up because you know God will forgive you, but what if I told you God see that you don’t care about Him? We walk on egg shells to please imperfect people that is so jacked up, but careless when it comes down to the house of God! Enough is enough! When will you give God your whole heart? When will you turn away from your sins?

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